Future crufts

My prediction for 100/200 year's time: google/facebook search will combine with already patented genetic matching techniques (example); AI will take over, with each ruling its own fiefdom based on some existing corporate entity; each will steer different social/genetic matching systems to breed us like crufts animals. At least one of those AIs will just have fun trying to make REALLY weird-shaped people. (We do the same with dogs, after all.)

PhD update: green blob likes red blob

Just to settle any qualms the universe might be having about the hard-earned tax-payers' money spent on my education: here's a most pathos-imbued moment between two of the poor little proto-blobs I've been torturing. Green blob likes red blob. A lot. In a slightly smothering way. Red blob is far from sure about this.

Combined with the random pics, how could anyone refuse to give me another degree? Five weeks, five days until they kick me out on the street, should probably get on with it.

I don't think I've got the hang of this `develop your online presence' thing.

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