Rothamsted and GM linkinz

Spent far too much of today obsessively staring at tweetdeck when I should either a) have been doing work or b) have actually gone to the Rothamsted protest. Arse. Some good ol' fashioned productivity-boosting helped.

Massive police presence kept the crop safe. I very much doubt that will stop a few from going back later on and having a go. Anyway, a bunch of links from the last few days (using lovely html export from my new favourite online tool,


Cohen's review

Cohen's review, that you link to, is rubbish.

He doesn't even start talking about Henderson until half way though - there is a whole pile of pointless journalese lead-in, as though he had the text lying around and wanted to use it up.

> We are stuck in permanent intellectual decline...

Not this ridiculous "'ee, it were all better in t' old days" nonsense again?

> Henderson's conclusion that we need to abolish A-levels and introduce a baccalaureate system that would compel sixth formers to take at least one science subject.

Which is again, twaddle. If you want to force people to study at least one science subject at A level then you don't rip up A-levels you just, err, force them to study one science subject. Its a stupid idea, though.


Science education and possibly baccalaureate: that's something folks like the Royal Society have been talking about. Cohen's being melodramatic with his 'permanent intellectual decline', but it's an issue. Note what they say about uni's requirements from A-levels, which most students aren't willing to submit to so early, it seems.

As for the first half of the review - really? All the stuff around libel laws was galvanising and pulled a lot of this new set of 'geeks' together in the UK. It's a campaign sense about science have been pushing too.