Global Warming Policy Foundation: web banner data plus the rest

The Global Warming Policy Foundation (google them if you want, they get no links from me) have a web banner showing annual average global temps from the Met Office's HADCRUT4 dataset since 2001.

Given that Nigel Lawson's been putting himself about a bit (see andtheresphysics for an overview) I thought I'd stick their banner in its proper place, along with the full dataset - and made it into an animated gif. How 90s. The gif link is also here. Anyone spot any errors, let me know.


Great job Dan, thanks. I

Great job Dan, thanks. I have a feeling we are soon to see the end of that phony flattening.

:) cheers Susan. Yes, looking

:) cheers Susan. Yes, looking forward to spending more time trying to counter the "anyway, warming is good for us" arguments that will ensue once it picks up again.